Total Medical seats in India are not sufficient to meet the huge demand for doctors by 2020 as per WHO mandate. Also, private Indian Medical colleges are not affordable to many Indian students because of high donation and tuition fees. Indian students save nearly 70% of tuition fees they pay to private medical colleges by studying medicine (MBBS) in the Philippines. MBBS in the Philippines has become a common phenomenon among Indian students. Most of the Indian students who wish to become doctors prefer abroad study locations than Indian medical colleges. Every year more than 10 lakh Indian students complete their high school and are looking for higher education in India. Most Indian students prefer studying medicine in countries like the Philippines, China, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and the United States. Among these popular countries for studying MBBS abroad, the Philippines has become the most popular education destination. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking next to India and the United States. More than 90% of the population speaks English which is also their official language. The Philippines have a decent interface with the western world, which helps students from all over the world. Studying MBBS in the Philippines benefits the student with High-Quality American Education at affordable fees, without any Donation. MBBS in the Philippines follows the American standard of education and is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Medical License Exam (USMLE), the Medical Council of India (MCI), CHED, etc. Availability of Hostel Facilities with CCTV Surveillance and Indian Food. Many Indian students are getting admission to colleges like Lyceum Northwestern University, Davao Medical School Foundation, and UV Gullas College of Medicine.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Philippines ?

  1. The MD in the Philippines is recognized and approved as an equivalent course to the MBBS by the MCI (Medical Council of India) who has established and maintain uniform standards of medical education.
  2. Philippines medical universities are widely renowned in many countries for the superior standard of education and also have listed in the WHO, IMED, and ECFMG medical education directories.
  3. Professors in the Philippines universities are coming from different countries, including the USA and India who are highly qualified and experienced in the allied field.
  4. Philippines medical colleges are regulated by the Philippines ministry of education and that is why Philippines colleges do not have any capitation fees as well as no donations to be paid for enrollment.
  5.  Another advantage of an Indian student is the climate of the Philippines. The Philippines’ climate varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year, which is very alike to the Indian climate helps Indian students in settling with no trouble.
  6.  Moreover, the country lies in the same climatic zone and thus experiences the same climatic conditions and medicine patterns. The students can easily diagnose the body and identify the disease patterns. But if you consider China and Russia the climatic conditions are much colder when compared to India, whereas in the Philippines, people are having the same pattern of disease which aids the Indian students who want to practice in India.
  7. There is no donation required to enroll in a Philippines medical college, unlikely to Indian medical colleges.

Benefits of MBBS from Philippines

  1. No initial donation
  2. Affordable Fees structure
  3. Disease pattern same as Indian
  4. English Speaking Country
  5. MCI approved Medical colleges
  6. Shorter course duration (5 years)
  7.  American Educational System (provides MD degree)
  8. Safest country to study
  9. Live clinical training practices for students
  10. Can easily crack USMLE
  11. Provides a vast opportunity for a PG degree


  1. High School Accomplishment certificate (50% PCB in higher secondary school certificate)
  2. Qualifying NEET


Step 1: Submit the filled Application form along with required documents to Cipe

Step 2: If academic criteria are met the University will issue an Offer Letter within 10 Days.

Step 3: Attend SKYPE Interview with university official Language proficiency in English

Step 4: Make an initial payment for document translation, legalization, student status approval & medical insurance, etc.

Step 5: Upon getting approval from the Ministry of Education the official Invitation letter will be issued. In parallel, the following documents should be prepared for the visa process

Step 6: Receive your Visa within 30 days from the Visa application filing

Step 7: Pay the tuition fee to the University Step 8: Arrive at the University

Most Reputed Universities In Philipines


Course Duration: 5 Years
1st Year 2nd – 5th Year
Tuition Fee 2,32,000 INR 2,00,000 INR
Living cost 1,32,000 INR 1,32,000 INR
Miscellaneous expense
TOTAL 3,64,000 INR 3,32,000 INR


Course Duration: 5 Years
1st Year 2nd – 5th Year
Tuition Fee 4850 USD 4000 USD(2nd year 4350 USD)
Living cost 11000 INR/month 11,000 INR/month
Miscellaneous expense
TOTAL 7000 USD 6720 USD


Course Duration: 5 Years
1st Year 2nd – 5th Year
Tuition Fee 5456 USD 5100 USD
Living cost 12,000 INR/month 12,000 INR/month
Miscellaneous expense
TOTAL 7388 USD 8100 USD